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This isn’t your grandfather’s spray paint. It’s an all-purpose, interior/exterior satin finish, ultra-supreme, professional-grade aerosol paint borne from an industrial acrylic lacquer. It dries harder, dries faster, and coats better. And with its higher concentration of pigments, you’ll find Plutonium’s vibrant colors are the best way to make your projects come to life.

Ideal for use on metals, masonry, wood, wicker, paper, some rubber and plastic surfaces.

Up to 2.5 times the coverage

Dries in 3-5 minutes

Superior UV protection

Hard, durable satin finish

Mold and mildew resistant

Interchangeable Pro Caps

High Volume, Low Pressure

Sprays 360 degrees

Eco-friendly, no CFCs

for people who are

creative, crafty, and serious about quality

Blue Bust Painted with LaLa Blue Plutonium Spray Paint
Plutonium Paint Manko is used to paint a gumball machine repurposed as a planter.
Dining Chair Spray Painted with Plutonium Paint Mofunk Green

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See Plutonium tackle a truck, serving trays, a bike, a skateboard, and cars.
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“I have used this paint for several kids craft projects, like painting a wood doll house. It dries very quickly, and actually smells nice. The colors are great. If your nozzle clogs, you can swap in another one. This isn’t a cheap runny spray paint.”

Reviewed on Home Depot


“The best spray paint I’ve ever used! Easy to use and the color selection is beautiful! Highly recommend this to everyone.”

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“Excellent product! Great for blending and works fantastic with other mediums. Incredible quality. Interchangeable spray tips add versatility.”

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