The Colorful History of

Plutonium Paint

Plutonium was born from the DNA of an industrial acrylic lacquer, which is known for its durability and extraordinary UV protection.

It all started in the early 2000s

when a group of artists and businessmen had the vision to create a premium-quality spray paint. They sought out the Raabe Company—a name that’s synonymous with quality aerosol products. Located in Wisconsin, Raabe had been in the aerosol business for nearly 60 years and was widely recognized as the industry leader in the manufacturing of custom-matched automotive touch-up paint, private label aerosol, and liquid filling services. The result was a perfect collaberation of vision and experience.

At that point, the artists took over and created an exciting color palette using the premium-quality industrial pigments. Together, the team created a product that dries faster, dries harder, and covers better. Plutonium was born from the DNA of an industrial acrylic lacquer which is known for its durability and extraordinary UV protection.

The company began developing its North American distribution to independently-owned hardware and paint stores including Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware, and Benjamin Moore paint stores.

  • In 2015, Plutonium Paint was voted “Product of the Year USA” in the specialty paint category.
  • In 2018, Crusader Industries LLC became the exclusive distributor of the Plutonium Paint brand.

Crusader Industries, LLC, is fully committed to building the Plutonium Paint brand, creating an online presence, and supporting our 500 retailers. Crusader Industries, LLC, and its product, Plutonium Paint, have focused on a singular concept: Premium Quality.

Our commitment to “Premium Quality” does not stop with our product. It’s our guiding principal for relating to our customers, suppliers, and staff members.

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Are you a veteran? World War II enthusiast? Corporate name history buff? Read on…

“A quick note about the name Crusader Paint. As a son of a member of the Greatest Generation and veteran, I thought it important that the men and women who secured victory in World War II be remembered and honored. Therefore, the name Crusader was chosen. General Dwight Eisenhower referred to the campaign he began on June 6, 1944 to liberate Europe as the ‘Last Great Crusade’ and adopted this patch to be worn by all personnel serving on the staff of the Allied Expeditionary Force. It came to be known as the ‘Crusader Patch. The vivid colors displayed on the patch seemed a great connection between preserving the memory of all who served and our aerosol paint product that produces the brightest colors in the aerosol industry.”

Lawrence Berry
Managing Partner