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About Our Paints

What makes Plutonium Paint different than other leading aerosol paints?

Plutonium® Paint is a unique, modified industrial-grade acrylic lacquer.

Do you have a Clear Coat?
Yes. We currently offer a Clear Coat Gloss.
Is Plutonium® Paint water resistant?
Yes. Our paint is water resistant. It is not waterproof. For additional water resistance apply a protective clear coat. We offer a clear coat gloss.
How is Plutonium® Paint eco‐friendly?
With a 70% pigment load and 30% propellant as well as a High‐Volume Low‐Pressure delivery system, more paint is hitting the target surface reducing the amount of overspray. Also, our cans are made from tin‐free steel, coated on both sides with PET (a polyester polymer). The polymer coating eliminates the need for solvent‐based interior lining, thereby significantly reducing any carbon emissions. The finished cans have no welded side seems; this does away with the need for copper and water during manufacturing.
Is Plutonium® Paint vegan friendly?
Yes. Our products are NOT tested on animals and there are no animal derived ingredients in the paint.
Is Plutonium® Paint safe for pet and baby furniture?
Our paint is safe for both pets and babies to touch. It is not safe for ingestion.
Can I use Plutonium® Paint on my car or motorcycle?
Yes. You can use Plutonium® on most metal surfaces. Please note: Plutonium® colors are custom and will not match existing automotive colors. If there is a clear coat on the vehicle, we recommend that it be sanded off and a primer applied. Most paints, including Plutonium® will not adhere well to a clear coat. Once you have sprayed your color coat, an automotive-grade clear coat should be applied to provide a durable finish.
Where is Plutonium® Paint manufactured?
Made in the USA. Born and raised in Detroit. (Manufactured in Menomonee Falls, WI)
What are Plutonium® Translucent colors?
They are specialty paints that allow the base color to show through the translucent color. They are mostly used for shading or blending colors.
Can I spray Plutonium® Paint together with other brands on the same project?
Yes. Plutonium® Paint will not crystallize when multiple brands are used together.

Using Plutonium

How long do I need to shake the can for before use?
Because Plutonium® has such a high pigment load, shake the can until the mixing ball rolls freely and then shake again for another minute to obtain a smooth spray finish.
What is the best distance to spray target surface?
For best results, spray distance should be between 6”‐9”. In higher humidity it is best to adjust spray distance to 3″‐4″.

Note for Application: Paint should be applied 5″‐9″ from surface. Humidity will accelerate drying time, so as humidity increases, the distance from the target surface MUST BE REDUCED. You can apply Plutonium® Paint 1″‐2″ from target surface if necessary. If paint is applied more than 3″‐5″ from surface, it may dry in the air and cause a “dusty” finish.

Will humidity effect paint application?
Humidity will accelerate dry time. As humidity increases the distance from the target surface must be reduced. Our paint can be applied 1″‐2″ from surface.
How should I prepare surfaces before painting?
For best results, all surfaces should be well cleaned, and loose paint or material removed. Most raw wood surfaces should be primed with a filler primer for a smooth finish. Smooth, shiny, or slick surfaces such as plastics, laminate counter tops, metals, etc. or surfaces that have been powder coated or clear coated should be prepared by using a fine wet/dry sandpaper or steel wool, followed by applying an etching primer.
On what surfaces do I need to use a primer?
For professional results, we recommend using a primer on all surfaces.
On what surfaces do I need a Clear Coat?
Any surface requiring the highest level of water resistance, UV protection and/or a Gloss finish.
What is the best way to clean the spray nozzles (Pro Caps)?
Place the used caps in a container of solvent, such as paint thinner or acetone and agitate gently, then rinse with hot water. Store the caps separately from the paint cans. This will extend the shelf life of the paint by helping to keep the cans airtight.
Can I use ANY brand nozzle on Plutonium® cans?
We only guarantee the results stated when using Plutonium® spray nozzle (Pro Caps).

Facts and Figures

What is the maximum temperature that Plutonium® Paint can resist?
It has been tested to perform up to 400°F (204°C).
What is the optimum temperature range for best performance?
Best results are at 65 to 72°F (18 – 22°C).
How many square feet does one can of Plutonium® Paint cover?
One can of Plutonium® Paint will comfortably cover 20+ sq. feet, depending on the color.

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