When photographer Heather Kadar and her husband found the perfect Jeep to go roaming and 4-wheeling, they were thrilled. They live between Sedona and the Grand Canyon and often head off-road to capture the perfect shot or to roam through the beautiful desert. When they found this Jeep, they knew it would be the perfect vehicle for future adventures, awesome photoshoots, and endless family memories.

There was one problem though. The bright blue rhino liner was just way too much for them.

So, they got resourceful.

They found Plutonium’s Mofunk, a traditional Jeep color, grabbed some painter’s tape, newspaper, plastic, and a power washer, and got to work.

Gather Your Materials: Mofunk Spray Paint and Tape


Step 1: Power Wash

Heather power washed the jeep to prep it for spray painting. We recommend this. Get the gunk off first for an even coat.

Step 2: Tape it Up

To make sure your spray paint doesn’t get on windows or other surfaces, tape or cover everything.

All Taped Up!



Step 3: Spray Paint!

Heather spray painting away.


5 Hours Later…

They were done! Seriously, that is it!

Here She Is, Ready for Adventure!

From Heather:

“My husband and I were both really impressed with the paint, ease of use, no dripping, and super quick drying. We started removing the tape and paper about 10 minutes after we were done. We power-washed, taped, painted, and cleaned up within 5 hours total. SCORE!”

They loved our Mofunk so much that they’ve already placed another order, saying, “we couldn’t be happier. Your paint is definitely superior to any other spray cans we’ve used.”

We couldn’t agree more! One of the things that we love the most about Plutonium is that it is super quick-drying, which allows you to finish your project without dripping and less cleanup.

Have you done anything like this with Plutonium? We’d love to hear. Reach out to us below or tag us on Instagram and maybe we’ll feature your project too!